Community Media Day 2018

As part of Community Media Day 2018, Another Age Productions produced a video for NewTV celebrating the amazing contributions from their community of producers, volunteers, and supporters.

Featuring: Bob Kelly, Paul Sears, Barbara John, Richard Berman, Greg Reibman, Bessie Seiler, Sue Flicop, Ellen Meyers, Brian Ives, Errol Forde, Jay Sugarman, and Mayor Ruthanne Fuller.

Producers: Andrew Eldridge & Noreen Moross
Director: Andrew Eldridge
Editors: Andrew Eldridge, Noreen Moross, Conor McNabb, and Ellen Daoust

The Intern Experience

For NewTV’s Teamwork Trivia Challenge, an annual event held to raise funding for their internship program, Another Age Production produced a video defining the intern experience at NewTV.

Featuring: Caitrin Assaf, Bobby Krivitsky, Nick Chamis, Katie Duval, Jenn Adams, Andrew Eldridge, Eugene Foygelman, Shelly Kamanitz, and Tom Baker.

Producers: Andrew Eldridge & Noreen Moross
Director: Andrew Eldridge
Editor: Andrew Eldridge

Project Details

Running Time: 3-4 minutes

Created by Another Age Productions

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